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09 October 2022

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First Name : Margaret78
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With the return of the four evil birds, all the major sects in the world will gather in Nanjing on July 7. Denounce the Western Heaven, and will soon worship the mountain on a large scale. The Dharma Protector of the Qin Dynasty is probably awed by the power of decency. He slipped back to his hometown alone. Li Jianxin tried to talk a lot. If I had known today, why did I have to do it at the beginning? The old man advised Gong Yangxiao not to be an enemy of the Wulin people in the world, but he didn't listen to the advice. Relying on Da Luo Yin Han Gong, he was invincible in the world, and no one could break his blood, so he thought he was the best in the world. Hum, now the world Wulin gathers together, how can he stand Gong Yangxiao? Alas, evil barrier, see how he deals with it! "Dotard!"! Gong Yangxiao is the only son of an old man. Don't you just scold him? Suddenly, a more hoarse voice came. Oh, sister. Did the old man ever scold him? Now all the Wulin in the world are discussing together. 'What's Wrong with the world Wulin? The old man will never stand by and see how many capable people dare to go to the West to see them die! "Younger martial sister, you and I have reached the age of 100." Why bother to compete with others? "Shut up!"! Can the old man look at the last stream of Jianghu bullying the ram and ignore it? Li Jianxin thought, this old woman is so protective. Also do not ask indiscriminately, this son's age is still so angry. Then the old man said, "Younger Martial Sister, I'd better persuade Martial Nephew Gong Yang.". Close the stall and find another mountain to spend your old age! "Dotard, you call yourself a white-haired devil in vain.". You haven't met an opponent in Jianghu for forty years, but now you are so timid. If you want to avoid the limelight, just hide. The old man never flinched. Sister.. There is no need to be so angry. The old man is just talking, and he is not trying to avoid the limelight! "That's more like it," the old woman's voice softened. "You promise to stay with me in my old age. You should help the ram through this. In those days, not only did you have the power of the white-haired demon, but no one dared to provoke me. Could it be that our prestige in those years is not left now? The old man said with a sigh, "Younger Martial Sister, you and I are from the same school, and our martial arts are on a par with each other. At that time, the foolish brother was in love with you,x56 line pipe, but he didn't want you to marry the boy Ram. The foolish brother still doesn't understand that the boy Ram is better than me in terms of martial arts, talent and appearance."? The only defect of the foolish brother at that time was that a young man came up from the other. Oh, why do you still mention these old accounts in those years? The Ram died forty years ago. Aren't you and I together again? Isn't forty long enough? 'But My brother has endured forty years in vain, this.. ' Come on, why do you bring up the past when your heart is empty? The past is the past, why bother to turn it out again and again? All right, let's not talk about the past. As far as the current situation is concerned, how should we deal with the world's martial arts world to fight against Gong Yangxiao? Why do you ask me a woman? Where is the domineering power of the white-haired devil? "Alas, people are old, Pepsi is bearish, and the arrogance of those years has long been non-existent." Frustrated words, no need to say, are you really afraid of the younger generation of those bastards? Who says I'm afraid of the young man? Only "Well, there's no need to say any more. If anyone dares to invade Xitianmu, my wife will kill him!"! Even if your skill is profound, 316 stainless steel plate ,uns s32760 plate, you can't help the martial arts world. And you! Join hands with brother and sister. Who can be the enemy in this world? Good, good, good, I will go through fire and water for you, Younger Martial Sister, at the age of 100! "That's right, don't worry, you won't die!"! Li Jianxin thought to himself that it was true that the mother tiger protected the calf, judging by her nickname. Two old people are also big devils, while they forget their own or hurry away! So lift the breath and move back, slowly out of the hole. Before he could retreat to the outside of the cave, he heard the white-haired demon say, Boy. Why did you leave without saying goodbye? It's so rude! "Startled, Li Jianxin said," I dare not disturb the two Dharma protectors. Boy, you tell Ram Roar. Come to the cave in person if you have something to do, and don't send anyone else. Yes, yes. "Who are you?" Yu Sha-nu suddenly asked. From the bottom of Li Jian's heart: "The emissary in red is Lin Zhongdelin's senior subordinate." 'You're The one who did this to Lin Zhide. How dare you break into the forbidden place? The younger generation was ordered by the Lord to come to report, but the Lord could not come because of something. Otherwise, how dare the younger generation cross the forbidden zone? "What's the matter with the great benefactor?" "The exit of the General Altar was blocked, and the messenger Lin asked the three Sizhu to go and investigate." "You go," said the white-haired demon. Yes Li Jianxin is like a pardon order. Just run. From the back came the voice of the old woman: "How did you let this boy go?". Xiao'er never sends people into the cave. Is there a trick? "No, no, he said." Further down, Li Jianxin couldn't hear. The old woman was suspicious. We need to get out of here. "He hurried out of the cave and whispered," Come on, let's talk outside. Song Pi two people jumped out from behind the rock, followed behind Li Jianxin, hurried through the woods, came to the powerful King Kong housing slope. Suddenly I heard a roar coming from the forest. The sound was not loud. But it shakes the eardrums. Show is sent out with extremely strong internal force, Li Jianxin dark cry is not good, two old devils probably came after. He took up the magic skill of protecting his body, hurried around the foot of the slope, and tried his best to escape. Song Xing, Pi Yongsheng also hurriedly exercise resistance, show all the strength, desperately behind Li Jianxin. This long roar, alarmed two or three two think of the Lord, then each jumped out of the room, only the powerful King Kong to have movement. By this time, the three of them had passed Huang Yongchun's residence and arrived at the foot of Yu Guanyuan's slope, only to hear a short roar from all the people living on their heads. Immediately after the sound of the Gong, "bang" sounded, and the whole altar suddenly became boiling. Li Jianxin did not hesitate to cross the hall and jump straight to the open ground. Only two jumps to the head of the woods, a few ups and downs out of the woods, then to the exit. Only then did he look back and see that Song Xing and Pi Yongsheng had not yet arrived. There was movement among the darters lurking in the woods. Just the sound of leaves, probably searching the woods. After a while, Song Xing had arrived, and after a while,x52 line pipe, Pi Shuisheng finally arrived. Three people hurriedly jumped out of the gorge and ran back and forth desperately. This time Li Jianxin slowed down and landed at the end to block the pursuers. He had done the right thing, and had just escaped twenty feet on the road when someone caught up with him at an amazing speed. Li Jianxin hastened to lift his palm and deliberately slowed down slightly. Seeing that the people behind him were about to catch up, he suddenly braked. Turn around and it's a slap. lksteelpipe.com

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