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09 October 2022

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The middle-aged man, Song Laosan, had the intention to open his mouth to say something, but he held back and listened patiently to what the eldest young master had to say. But two people are in the heart snigger, this young man this sentence, in which "true, false" two words are very obvious, almost tantamount to saying that those sour literati, are "hypocrites"! The innuendo in the words. If you are human, you can hear it. Jun Moye squinted and showed his wild and unrestrained attitude. He added, "Apart from the above two, most of the people who taste the same thing again are just conventional. Whether they are getting drunk in brothels, drinking in taverns, or making friends in luxury houses, or competing on the wine table in business and politics, they should be the most inferior and the inferior people in wine."! As for the use of wine to murder people, people with evil intentions, is a waste of wine, more do not deserve to let me talk! The middle-aged man and Song Laosan nodded slightly after listening to Jun Dashao's "high theory," and then returned to silence, with a faint sense of pride in their hearts: I have been drunk with wine for decades, and I should be regarded as a true gentleman in wine, right? It was expected that Jun Dashao would make even more astonishing remarks, pointing to the two of them and shaking them gently: "As far as you two are concerned, you may barely be able to enter the second grade.." "Nonsense!" The two men were finally furious and shouted at the same time. You should know that both of them are confident that they are the masters of the wine country. Your theory may be quite reasonable,interactive flat panel display, but with our decades of experience in the wine industry, we are rated as the second best, and we even use the word "reluctantly"! It's too much of a bully! Seeing that the two of them were furious, the young gentleman didn't care. He replied, "Don't be unconvinced when you say that you have to enter the wine for the first time reluctantly. Originally, you have been immersed in the wine for decades, and this seniority can't be denied. But the so-called wine tasting, wine appreciation, and wine drinking have another premise, that is,smart board whiteboard, to have qualified wine. Not only have you never drunk such wine, I haven't seen it. This insight alone has already fallen behind! Jun Moye stretched out a little finger and shook it gently: "But.". It is no wonder that you believe that no one in this world has this wine except me. Song Laosan, your wine, here, even in the whole Tianxiang Empire, can be said to be the first, but compared with the wine I know, the wine I said, the wine I drank, to put it bluntly, it is far from the same! This passage is somewhat unreasonable, but it has already begun to sell. When it comes to wine, Sir, it's true that what he said about swallowing gold and spitting jade has opened my eyes and made me feel very reasonable. But when it comes to wine making, I, Song Laosan, have traveled all over the world. I can say without hesitation that if my wine can't get into my throat, smartboard for business ,interactive digital whiteboard, I'm afraid there's no other wine in the world that can get into your eyes! Song Laosan was not angry that he was not qualified enough, but when he heard the last paragraph, he couldn't help raising his eyebrows and was extremely unconvinced! I have been immersed in wine all my life. I dare to say that I have tasted all the wine in the world. Looking at all the wine in the world, there may not be one that can be compared with my secret wine. However, you little devil actually said that compared with your wine, it is far from the same? Song Laosan how can not be angry, but this is not general to see how Jun Dashao refute, the world is vast, not necessarily there is no better wine, or really have wine oneself do not know is not surprising, relative to Jun Dashao's words, the whereabouts of the wine is naturally more important. Jun Moye could not deny a smile, contrary to the sharp words before, and did not do much to refute. The middle-aged man pricked up his ears and looked from one to the other. Suddenly he rolled his eyes and said, "Old Song, there is a day beyond the sky. Behind the wine, there may be even better wine. If this little brother can really come up with a wine a hundred times better than yours, what will you do?" "Then I would rather worship him as a teacher!" Song Laosan raised his eyebrows and blurted out with a flash of light in his eyes. At this moment, his bent body also suddenly straightened, burst out a strong confidence, proud! In addition to self-confidence, pride, there is a trace of sincere expectations, if there is really such a wine, what if it is really a teacher?! Jun Moye heart suddenly moved, he instantly confirmed the identity of this Song Laosan! It's him! No wonder there is a sense of deja vu! In addition to solving the matter of Huanghuatang with the third uncle, the uncle and nephew had been tracked by a strong man of mysterious origin but of Tianxuan level. Although they were scared off by Jun Moye with a clever trick, the man's overbearing strength in the early stage of Tianxuan was still fresh in Jun Moye's memory! According to the judgment of Jun Moye, this gentleman's strength is extremely high, and he is afraid that he will win over Muxue Tong and Xiao Han of the Ice and Snow Silver City, only slightly under Grandpa Jun's battle. Who would have thought that there would be any connection between the mysterious Tianxuan master and the tavern owner Song Laosan?! But when Song Laosan inadvertently said this sentence in a fit of pique, his own breath revealed a trace because of the fluctuation of his mood! Although a breath is fleeting, but only this tiny, has been enough to let Jun Moye recognize him, instant two figures in their hearts coincide. Just like a slow-motion movie, the two figures are constantly splitting at the same time, and then recombining, every action, every breath, are repeated several times in the heart of Jun Moye, to the end, the two figures become one, become the same person! Make sure it's him! Song Laosan, it's you! Chapter 49 mysterious master. This is an interesting discovery. Let the corners of Jun Moye's mouth bend up, he did not want to drink with Song Laosan, because it is really unnecessary. With their own identity, if it is worth fighting with the invincible general of Dugu, but where is it worth being so serious with the owner of a small hotel? The answer, of course, is no. But what if the owner of this small hotel is a master of Tianxuan? The conclusion will naturally be reversed again. Who is right and who is wrong has its own public opinion, and I naturally have the means to convince you. Jun Moye smiled, white teeth, because the mood suddenly became very good, and slightly exposed, looking at Song Laosan's eyes, like a hungry wolf,smartboards in classrooms, staring at a fat lamb. Even as a master of the order of heaven, Song Laosan also inexplicably played a shiver, how can this boy's eyes be so evil. hsdsmartboard.com

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